Time For… CAFE


Closed at the moment looking for partners

Time For… Cafe is set alongside the Minutes Exchange, Serving quality coffee from local roasters Vagabond, also quality teas and Soft drinks.
Croissants cakes and light bites from local bakers Aux Pains du Pappy.

A plate du Jour will evolve soon (ideas welcome)


We are looking for people to get involved, on many levels;

Baristas to help run the cafe.

Programmers to help us develop the minutes app. So we can trade in minutes.
Are you a local cook or food entrepreneur who wants to try out your cuisine at lunchtime or events.

We are of course well open to revenue share etc

We have a basement space so any ideas for its use most welcome.
Looking to hold once a week a complainery are you a listener / therapist / coach
Legal advice, nutrition / health adviser, other charities welcome to hold advice days.

Are you into decorating, making? we need some help finishing off the the Hub, also see our donations list if you have or know of unused items in need of a home.